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Ructus, is inspired by the scream which we could find for a long time in John Coltrane's music. André, Sylvie and Jean-Marc, have been connected for more than twenty years, they crystallize the main part of their musical aspiration, dictated by the energy and the quest of the original senses: the rhythm and the melody. This formation leaves the door open to all the musical genres through the improvisation.

Line up: Sylvie Fisichella : singer, Jean Marc Baccarini : saxs and keyboard, Andre Fisichella : drums

RUCTUS concert the 13 fébruary 2015 (first part Magma)

Sylvie Fisichella :
  • Magma
  • Christian Vander : L’homme suprême

  • Jean-Marc Baccarini
  • Tu danses
  • imusic-school

  • André Fisichella
  • Shylock & Ructus
  • Sylan édition
  • Studio Arion